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£500k raised to fund new cutting-edge cancer screening equipment for Wycombe Hospital

| November 3, 2017

Following a four year campaign £500,000 has been raised by Scannappeal to fund state-of-the-art digital and 3D breast cancer screening equipment for Wycombe Hospital.

William Baxter, chairman of Scannappeal’s Board of Trustees, said: ‘This brand new equipment has already gone a long way towards substantially helping to improve the early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Dr Vaishali Gada, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust breast screening director at Wycombe, said: ‘The new technology for screening our patients is simply phenomenal.

Being able to analyse digital images millimetre by millimetre on a computer screen means we can identify cancer much earlier, especially smaller cancers that might be more difficult to detect on the analogue system we had previously.

We have diagnosed 500 cases of cancer already this year. We are so very lucky to have this cutting-edge equipment (3D mammography) here at Wycombe Hospital and are one of the only units in the region to have it.

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