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£3,000 grant given for 15 new cherry trees in Beaconsfield

| March 29, 2018

(L-R) Cllr Anita Cranmer, Buckinghamshire County Council, Chris Owen, Mayor of Beaconsfield and Jeanette Buckle of The Beaconsfield Society.

Fifteen new cherry trees are to be planted along the roadside verges in Beaconsfield in Spring 2018.

A grant of £3,000 has been provided by Buckinghamshire County Council, via the Beaconsfield Local Area Forum, to The Beaconsfield Society who have put forward plans to Beaconsfield Town Council to plant 15 replacement cherry blossom trees in the town.

In years gone by Beaconsfield was once famed for its cherry orchards that once supplied London.

Set up by Buckinghamshire County Council the Local Area Forums (LAF) exist across the county to represent Buckinghamshire residents at a very local level and to make sure people can directly input on local services and spending decisions.

County Councillor and Chair of the Beaconsfield Local Area Forum, Anita Cranmer said: ‘This planting of cherry trees, a signature tree in Beaconsfield, is an excellent example of how Bucks County Council works with localities to enable residents to access funds towards their aspirations for the community.

The Beaconsfield Society deserves thanks for their dedicated commitment to this planting scheme. We will all enjoy the beauty of these lovely blossom trees and appreciate all who have been involved in their purchase and placement.

The Mayor of Beaconsfield Town Council Chris Owen added, ‘I am delighted we are supporting this initiative, which helps our Town Council’s goal of planting 100 trees in five years around the town.

Jeannette Buckle from The Beaconsfield Society said: ‘This funding has allowed us to replace 15 failed trees in public spaces that everyone can see in the town, breaking up our built environment. At the same time we also have a campaign where local residents are planting more cherry blossom trees themselves in their own front gardens bringing back even more blossoms.

Further information about The Beaconsfield Society can be found at www.beaconsfieldnow.org.uk, more details about Beaconsfield Town Council can be viewed at www.beaconsfieldtowncouncil.gov.uk.

Details of County Council work in your local area at www.buckscc.gov.uk/services/community/local-areas/.

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