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Opinion : If the David Bowie statue isn’t safe in Aylesbury maybe it should be moved to High Wycombe?

| March 28, 2018

Did you hear about the statue erected in Aylesbury to the memory of the musician David Bowie last weekend?

It seems that less than two days after being unveiled the statue was vandalised by someone with a tin of spray paint.

Located in the Market Square the statue cost around £100,000 with the money coming from grants and a crowd funding campaign.

That’s an awful lot of money given by people only for one individual to vandalise it. Quite honestly it’s unbelievable that such a thing could happen so soon after the statue was put in place however it seems that perhaps Aylesbury is not perhaps as nice as one thinks.

Indeed just a few weeks ago there was the attempted murder of a police officer in the Market Square not to mention other crimes such as robberies and stabbings.

Why on earth is the Government giving Aylesbury ‘Garden Town‘ status? From what my good self can see the desecration of the Bowie statue is the latest in a long list of criminal acts to blight the town which is rapidly becoming the scumbag capital of Buckinghamshire.

With all these issues does Aylesbury really deserve investment? Surely that investment would be better directed to Wycombe instead?

Let’s face it Wycombe has better transport links, is closer to London and would benefit more from the Government’s schemes and money.

It’s quite clear that the Bowie statue is not safe in Aylesbury so perhaps it should be moved to High Wycombe?

It would look great on Frogmoor, under the Wycombe’s Guild Hall or even as a centre piece in the magnificent Library Gardens in Queen Victoria Road.

Besides Aylesbury already has lots of statues in the Market Square area whereas the only statue in town of Wycombe that my good self can think of is the pathetic piece of junk situated at the further end of Frogmoor (opposite the entrance to the shopping centre) that quite honestly is a disgrace.

If an all powerful and all controlling ‘Council for Buckinghamshire’ is given the go ahead then maybe that should be based in Wycombe too?

The desecration of the Bowie statue, and other recent incidents, has shown what a lawless place Aylesbury is and surely that makes it undeserving of investment?

The sooner High Wycombe is made the County town of Buckinghamshire the better.

What do you think?

UPDATED 30th March 2018 : After doing a little research into David Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’ tour of 1972 it appears the third performance of the tour was actually in High Wycombe Town Hall on Friday 11th February 1972. The second date of the tour was in London (Thursday 10th February 1972) and the first in Aylesbury (Saturday 29th January 1972). The Bowie statue is clearly not safe in Aylesbury so maybe a move to High Wycombe would be justified…?

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