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Public Space Protection Order to combat anti-social behaviour in car parks

| May 2, 2018

A Public Space Protection Order is to be created to combat anti-social behaviour in Chiltern District Council operated car parks.

The implementation of the Public Space Protection Order following reports of anti-social behaviour in car parks. The PSPO will prohibit certain activities such as revving the engine of a motor vehicle, racing with another vehicle, playing loud music, using foul or abusive language or loitering without a reasonable excuse in Chiltern car parks.

The PSPO does not restrict or prohibit the legitimate use of a car park but provides the police and Council with additional powers to manage anti-social behaviour in these areas.

Cllr Liz Walsh said: ‘We listened to residents who told us they were suffering as a result of anti-social behaviour in car parks in the Chiltern area.

In 2017 alone, Thames Valley Police recorded around 100 reports of anti-social behaviour and we know the detrimental impact this has had on people who live close to and use the car parks.

To address the problem, we suggested a Public Space Protection Order be put in place. We consulted with residents on the proposal and they were very supportive.

Yesterday [Tuesday 1st May 2018] the CDC Cabinet agreed with the recommendation to put the PSPO in place and it will now go ahead.

The PSPO will be monitored and we hope it will improve the lives of nearby residents and members of the public who use the car park, ensuring a pleasant environment for everyone.

The PSPO will now be published on the Council’s website and will come into force for an initial three year period. Signs will be installed in the car park to inform people of the PSPO and we will work with Thames Valley Police to ensure enforcement.

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