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Opinion : We dared to dream but the dreams turned to dust….

| July 12, 2018

We dared to dream, England almost made it to the 2018 World Cup Final but sadly our dreams have turned to dust.

After a good start with a goal in the first few minutes of the match the England team seem to get bogged down in the game and failed to score the all important second goal which would have handed them a huge advantage.

Opportunities came, but luck deserted the Three Lions. Before normal time was up Croatia managed to score an equalizer. Extra time saw our opponents take the lead and win the match by two goals to one.

There was no penalty shoot out to endure this time, just a huge sense of loss and what might have been when the referee blew his whistle to send Croatia through to the finals and send England out of the competition.

But we all believed that this time we really could have won the World Cup. Our team played brilliantly, the manager was spot on in every move he made. The championship draw was kind to us but alas, this history books will continue to remind us that the only time England have won the World Cup was in 1966.

However we can hold our heads up high and be proud of what was achieved namely a country united behind our national football team and hope for the future at what the young players can achieve in the future.

If only England had shook their team up with a few substitutions once they began to get bogged down in the game at around the 30 minute mark. Perhaps we could have outsmarted Croatia and realised our finals dream?

Of course the next major international football tournament that England will take part in will be Euro 2020 which will see games taking place in 12 cities in 12 European countries from Friday 12th June to Sunday 12th July 2020. Of course England will be one of the 12 ‘host’ nations with some games in the group stages, round of 16, semi finals and the tournament final all taking place at Wembley Stadium in West London.

Yours truly is optimistic that the World Cup ‘fever’ will continue for England and Euro 2020 will see England reach the final on home soil.

Sadly it seems that my extra large World Cup winning party for my friends, scheduled for the coming Sunday, will have to be cancelled. The only question is what on earth do I do with the several hundred tins of fizzy drink that my good self purchased for my party before the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) shortage hit?

Oh, I’ve just realised the sell by date on the drinks is August 2020 so they will still be good for Sunday 12th July 2020 when England will be in the Euro 2020 final at Wembley….

What do you think?

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