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Opinion : Is this the dirtiest (and most misleading) road sign in High Wycombe?

| August 27, 2018

Have you noticed how dirty some of the road signs are in High Wycombe?

The other lunchtime yours truly was walking around the town centre with a friend. As we passed a road sign my friend commented on how dirty it was.

Being a competitive person your humble servant challenged my friend to see which one of us could find the dirtiest road sign in High Wycombe.

The state of the road signs in a town often give a clue as to the general state of the town. Indeed a town with dirty signs gives the impression of a town that doesn’t care about itself or what visitors passing through will think.

So you probably want to know which is the dirtiest road sign that myself and my friend could find? Well, the sign featured in this blog must surely be the winner.

Not only is the sign pictured above dirty but it also contains wrong directions.

The sign is located in West Wycombe Road at the traffic light controlled junction on the corner of the A40 Oxford Road and The Pastures.

Located on one of the busiest roads in High Wycombe lots of motorists see the sign every day.

Road signs are supposed to be useful helping visitors to a town find their way around. However anyone who follows the directions on the sign shown above and turns right, down Desborough Avenue, hoping to find parking in the George Street car park is going to be disappointed.

As anyone local to High Wycombe knows the George Street car park closed permanently on Monday 25th September 2017 and now a supermarket is being built on the site.

Of course locals also know that Wycombe General Hospital was renamed as simply Wycombe Hospital a few years ago too, indeed that’s the name that appears outside the hospital and is used on the website for the hospital.

In my opinion the dirty road sign just about sums up modern day Wycombe.

The dirty appearance shows that nobody has cared for the sign for years. The wrong directions show that nobody is checking the accuracy of the sign. This sign appears to have just been put up and left to fester away beside the road.

As you can see in the picture below, weeds are even growing at the bottom of one of the posts supporting the sign. The post was also rusty and shabby in appearance.

You would have thought that those running the town would have made sure that everything, including all the road signs, was spick and span to give a good impression to visitors.

If you were a businessman wanting to invest in the town and you saw the road sign featured in this blog would you invest in a town that can’t even present road signs in a pleasant manner?

Do you know of a dirtier sign or one with misleading directions? Leave a comment on my Facebook page, or the Wycombe Today Facebook page to let me know.

What do you think?

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