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Opinion : Why are there so many traffic problems on the A40 London Road in High Wycombe?

| September 12, 2018

Once again ‘investment’ is taking place in the A40 London Road in High Wycombe.

According to an article that appeared in the news section of this website a few days ago entitled ‘A40 London Road, High Wycombe to get £6.6m investment‘ one of the aims of the current £6.6m of investment is to ‘help traffic flow better‘.

The news article also said there will also be ‘improvements to bus stops and bus lanes‘.

What a joke! The number of times that ‘improvement’ work has been done on this road over the years is amazing yet still there are problems.

In my opinion, rather than investment the whole length of road needs a rethink.

The A40 West Wycombe Road isn’t blighted by anywhere near the number of problems as the A40 London Road. But then again the A40 West Wycombe Road has not been the target of ‘improvement’ work has it?

In my opinion, the problems with London Road started when all the traffic lights and the bus lanes were installed, indeed when there were two carriageways coming into town and mini-roundabouts things were far better.

Surely the bus lane needs ripping out rather than improvement or investment and the traffic light controlled junctions need mini-roundabouts put back so the traffic flows far better?

From what my good self can see the improvement work carried out on London Road over the years has not benefited the motorists, instead the works have benefited those who dream up, plan, organise and carry out the improvement work by keeping them in jobs.

Of course by bunging up London Road with traffic jams it also has a negative impact on business in High Wycombe as supply lorries, workers and customers end up sitting around in traffic jams rather than bringing prosperity to the town. Of course this benefits other nearby towns such as Aylesbury – and where are those who orchestrate the work ‘improvement’ work based…?

Yours truly is beginning to wonder if things will ever get better for motorists in London Road after all there have been so many failed attempts at solving the problems there over the years.

The London Road is a prime example of how meddling and dabbling by ‘experts’ has made things worse rather than better.

Just think of all the money wasted on ‘improvement schemes’ for the stretch of road over the years, indeed its a scandal that still things are not right by now.

In my opinion it’s time to put the road back to how it was in the late 1970’s when traffic flowed along the road far better.

What do you think?

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