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Opinion : Does the BrexitMess show the UK could never survive outside the EU?

| November 15, 2018

Once upon a time Britain was the dominant country in the world.

An empire that covered 24% of the world’s total land area and held sway over 412 million people was controlled from London. Indeed at its height, it was the largest empire in history and, for over a century, England was the foremost global power.

Then things went wrong and just look where we are today.

Today our country is a shadow of its former self. Indeed anyone reading the national news will see the farcical events talking place in London as a Government implodes over a Brexit withdraw agreement they have more than two years to negotiate.

My good self is left wondering how the UK would survive outside the EU? If the great and good in Westminster are having such difficulty extracting our country from the EU how ever would we survive if we were a completely independent country?

I’ll bet those in power when the British Empire as built would not end up with the BrexitMess that we are in today.

What would have happened if the leaders of today were in power during the Second World War? Thankfully we had Churchill in charge.

If the UK were to leave the EU completely I question if the leaders of today are actually capable of running the UK as a separate country.

For the past forty years the leaders of the UK have had it easy as our country was increasingly sucked into the EU and decisions were taken in Brussels. Surely Brexit has shown how inept the powers that be have become when it comes to being an independent country?

Today the national news has been filled with the announcement of one ministerial resignation after another and letters of no confidence being sent to try to oust the Prime Minister.

Yet the Prime Minister carries on regardless, trying to push a square shaped Brexit through a triangular hole. This is not leadership, its shire stupidity and shows how out of touch with reality the leadership has become.

So where do things go from here?

Well, the leader has blown it. They’re being bounced around like a warn out tennis ball. Indeed if this was a tennis match the umpire would be calling out ‘New Leaders Please!’

In the absence of a modern day Churchill who can actually sort things out surely the matter should go back to the people of the UK who instigated Brexit to get their views through a second referendum?

What do you think?

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