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Opinion : Another day, another crime in High Wycombe

| February 22, 2019

Do you remember when Wycombe was a peaceful town?

Once upon a time crime was virtually unheard, indeed it was a big event if the fire brigade were called out to rescue a cat that had got stuck up a tree.

Even in the days of the late 1970’s crime was not a problem and that was when Punks used to frequent the dark, brick covered alleys of the old Octagon shopping centre.

Sadly these days it seems that not a week goes by without a robbery, assault, arson or stabbing in our town.

Today, Friday 22nd February 2019, it was reported in the news section of this website that a taxi driver has been stabbed in Micklefield. This of course comes on top of the recent acid attacks on Frogmoor, incidents of arson and other despicable crimes that seem so prevalent these days.

Even while sitting in the grounds of my estate, located to the west of town, my good self can quite often hear the distant sounds of emergency sirens as the police, fire and ambulance services rush to another call out because another incident has taken place in Wycombe.

Is it any wonder that Wycombe is blighted with so much crime? After all just look at the wicked way the town centre has been left to rot.

Yes, there may be sparkling new ‘hubs’ springing up at Handy Cross and villages made out of dented shipping containers being built in the Desborough area of town but just look at Frogmoor and the crime ridden Desborough Road area?

There’s no point building new facilities if the existing parts of town have been left to dilapidate and become infested with crime.

Once crime takes hold it’s hard to eradicate it. Once people view crime as acceptable it’s hard to change them. Once the powers that be develop a ‘could not care less’ attitude towards parts of town then everyone suffers.

Yes, those who commit crime are at fault and should be punished but the authorities should never let parts of town deteriorate so much that crime takes hold.

Everyone in Wycombe knows that Castlefield and Micklefield are areas of town synonymous with disorder and crime. But it’s been like this for years and very little positive change seems to take place in these parts of town, yet something could be done to make them better if only there was a will.

Until those with authority decide to act then yours truly fears that Wycombe will spiral further down into the abyss.

Sadly those who could instigate change will still receive their monthly pay even if nothing is done. Maybe it’s time they were put on performance related pay so they only get paid if they deliver?

I fear that unless action is taken then crime will continue and we will see further stabbings, robberies, arson attacks and assaults.

What do you think?

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