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Opinion : Should ice cream vans be banned in High Wycombe?

| April 30, 2019

What typifies summer more than the appearance of ice cream vans on the streets of High Wycombe?

However it seems that ice cream vans are being banned from some areas of London as part of a crackdown on pollution.

Most of the ice cream vans are powered by diesel, which as you probably know is becoming regarded as a polluting fuel. In order to keep the on board freezers running the engines in many ice cream vans have to be left running even when the van is operation from a stationary location.

Walking past the Guild Hall in Wycombe’s High Street on market day one can often find an ice cream van parked with the engine running waiting for customers.

The market stalls selling food with their dreadful smell and hideous smoke bellowing from the old oil drums converted into makeshift cooking contrivances is bad enough without the delicate aroma of diesel fumes from an engine left running being added to the perfume.

You would have thought that when operating from a stationary location, such as on a market, an ice cream van would have to be plugged into the mains electricity supply to reduce pollution?

Then of course there are the ice cream vans who drive around the streets of Wycombe plying for trade.

Isn’t it a waste of fuel, not to mention a source of pollution, driving aimlessly around the streets trying to sell a product that most people already have in their freezers at home?

Of course pollution is only part of the ice cream van problem. In this age of health conciousness is it right that children should be enticed into eating unhealthy products like ice cream?

Let’s face it ice cream vans just don’t fit with the values of modern day society with their pollution and pedalling of products linked to obesity.

Then of course there is the nuisance value from the van operators who drive along the roads with the chimes blaring out to let you know they are coming. Surely the chimes should only be sounded when the van is stationary?

Only the other day my good self was having an afternoon nap when suddenly your humble servant was awakened by the sound of distant chimes from an ice cream van. Yours truly was most unhappy at being woken from my slumber. It must be awful for anyone with a young child having them woken from their sleep by a passing ice cream van.

If action is being taken against the vans in London surely something should be done in Wycombe too?

My good self would like to see Wycombe take the lead with all ice cream vans banned from the town centre and residential roads. The last thing we need are children being made obese and smothered in pollution in the process.

If we must have ice cream sellers then let them trade from pedal powered tricycles or other pollution free vehicles and not from vans that need to have their engines left running.

Sadly I fear nothing will happen, after all if the problems of Frogmoor, the town centre tramps and drunks in the Desborough Road area can’t be solved it’s unlikely the menace of the dastardly ice cream van is going to be addressed.

What do you think?

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