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Fake enforcement officers target blue badge holders in Chesham and Amersham

| August 23, 2019

Blue badge holders are being advised to be on their guard following a number of approaches by fake enforcement officers in Buckinghamshire.

Buckinghamshire County Council has issued the warning following reports on social media of several incidents in the Chesham and Amersham areas where drivers have been asked to either handover their blue badge or had it confiscated.

It is believed that unscrupulous criminals are trying to obtaining the blue badges, potentially for illegal use. Thames Valley Police have been informed of the incidents by Buckinghamshire County Council.

Deputy Cabinet Member for Resources at Buckinghamshire County Council, Ralph Bagge, said that official enforcement officers do carry out checks across the County to prevent blue badge misuse, however they would always provide proper identification and make official notes of any action taken. Ralph said : ‘These reports are clearly the act of scammers and I would ask everyone who regularly uses their blue badge to be extra vigilant.

If you have the slightest doubt, please ask for proper identification from the person who approaches you. Our officers also make a log of any action they take and they will ask you to countersign the paperwork.

If in any doubt, you can also ring us there and then on 01296 382902 to double-check any enforcement officer’s credentials. They will not mind you doing this in the slightest.

We do carry out regular checks to protect genuine blue badge holders and since the start of the year we have been prosecuting those who have been fraudulently using badges. Not only is this type of abuse abhorrent, it may also prevent a genuine user being able to park.

Buckinghamshire County Council is advising anyone who may have lost a blue badge in this way to contact the Blue Badge team immediately on 01296 382902 or e-mail [email protected]. The loss should also be reported to Thames Valley Police using the non-emergency 101 number.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire County Council.

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