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Opinion : Are you ready for the Great Brexit Christmas Election?

| October 29, 2019

After years of indecision, several extensions from the EU and lots of talking in Parliament it seems a General Election is about to be called.

Over the past few years, in fact virtually since the votes were counted on EU referendum night, my good self has written various blogs about the mess that Brexit has become.

Right from the outset my good self could see the challenges and bungles involved in delivering Brexit. In fact, in my opinion, the whole ‘leaving’ process has been mishandled right from the start. Buffoonery, bungling, total incompetence and arrogance has marred the whole process.

After wasting millions of pounds on a ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ campaign, it now seems more money is to be wasted on an election that could end up solving nothing.

Now it seems there is going to be a General Election in the hope that the people of the UK return a Parliament that will break the deadlock after the current Parliament failed to decide on a way forward.

Please, spare me from the seemingly endless weeks of election campaigning that will no doubt dominate the news and daily life. How many election leaflets will my good self have to dispose of after they drop through my letterbox?

In fact my good self is fed up with the election already and the campaign hasn’t even begun.

But will a General Election solve anything? In my opinion probably not, indeed as shown in the 2017 election when a group of people, such as the voters in the country, act they can effectively ‘act as one’ and deliver a result that is indecisive.

As for being a true ‘General Election’ well, that’s unlikely as it will probably become the ‘Brexit Election’ dominated by just one topic.

What may be very interesting is the outcome of the General Election, especially in constituencies where the current member of Parliament has gone against the preferences of their constituents votes in the 2016 EU referendum.

In my opinion, in recent weeks, an arrogance has crept into politics with votes in Parliament cancelled just because the outcome may not be the desired one. If the polls swing in the wrong direction yours truly wonders if the election itself might even be cancelled half-way through in order to nullify the result?

If the election takes place in December 2019 then at least it will be over by Christmas and the election paraphernalia delivered to my home will be in the black bin and safely burned at the local ‘energy from waste plant’ before the deluge of wrapping paper and other Christmas waste arrives.

What do you think?

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