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Opinion : Should the anti-prostitution and anti-social behaviour PSPOs in High Wycombe be renewed?

| November 15, 2019


As everyone knows the Desborough Road area of Wycombe has suffered with the blight of prostitution in recent years.

Back in 2017 two Public Space Protection Orders were introduced in High Wycombe aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour in the town centre and prostitution related activities in the Desborough area.

After reading an article in the news section of this website it seems the PSPOs are about to expire in a few months in February 2020 and a public consultation has been launched seeking views on their renewal.

So should the PSPOs be renewed?

In my opinion it’s a definite ‘yes’ for both of the PSPOs. In fact my good self believes that not only should they both be renewed but it’s imperative that the areas covered by both PSPOs are extended to cover the whole of the town from West Wycombe to Loudwater and from Terriers to Booker and Cressex.

In recent years sadly Wycombe has degenerated and anti-social drinking, behaviour and other unpleasant activities have taken hold.

Only the other lunchtime your humble servant was walking in the Desborough Road area when two women who were obviously prostitutes came walking along. Naturally I passed by as quickly as possible, turning my head in the opposite direction, to avoid temptation from the ladies of Lucifer and their wicked trade.

Personally my good self thinks an additional PSPO should be created to ‘prohibit begging or trying to obtain cash from passers by‘ in the town too. Let’s face it there are some parts of town where beggars are rife despite Wycombe having an excellent support network for those down on their luck and gentlemen of the road who pass through on their travels.

However it’s no good having a PSPO in place unless it is enforced. Yours truly would like to see a tough crack down on anti-social behaviour and prostitution related activities throughout the whole town and the residential areas.

It’s no good banning prostitution in the Desborough Road area only to have the servants of Satan move their activities to outlying residential areas resulting in areas of town were women appear from behind bushes beside the road and display themselves for every car that approaches slowly.

Wycombe has the potential to be a nice town, just like it was years ago, however a small unruly element is ruining the town for everyone.

It’s about time our town was taken back from the scumbags, wannabe gangsters and general trouble makers who seem to think they can do whatever they like here.

What do you think?

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