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Opinion : Does a pandemic virus pose a greater threat than global warming?

| January 23, 2020

For many years the subject of global warming has been bubbling around in the news.

Terms like ‘carbon neutral’, ‘carbon footprint’ and many other similar terms that include the word ‘carbon’ have been used to try to get everyone to change their lifestyles in order to save the planet from the dreaded ‘global warming’.

However my good self is starting to think that perhaps there is a bigger threat to us humans than the one that comes from ‘carbon’.

You may well have read about the new ‘coronavirus’ that has emerged in China recently. Indeed at the time of writing this blog national news organisations are reporting that several cities in China have been closed off in order to stop the spread of the virus.

Through the ages health emergencies have claimed many millions of lives in events such as the Great Plague (1665 to 1666) that killed an estimated 100,000 people in London in just 18 months. More recently there was the ‘Spanish Flu’ (January 1918 to December 1920) which killed an estimated 50,000,000 people worldwide.

History shows that when the worlds environment turns against humans there can be catastrophic consequences.

The modern world is one where international travel is common place, where human interaction is integral to modern society. All it takes is one person to come to the UK who is infected with the new Chinese coronavirus virus and there is a danger it can spread and be very difficult to eradicate.

In my opinion a virus, whether it be the newfangled coronavirus or not, poses a bigger and more immediate threat to humans than global warming.

However what amazes my good self is that the airports are still open, passengers are still arriving and as a result the infection channels through which a virus can spread worldwide are still operating.

Perhaps the environmentalists are right to highlight the dangers of air travel, not from the perspective of its hideously high carbon footprint but from the danger it poses to the ease of travel that viruses can spread between the countries of the world.

Isn’t it about time the UK temporarily closed itself off from the rest of the world to prevent the virus coming here? After all the current climate of Brexit is all about ‘withdrawal’ so surely a complete closure of the UK’s borders would just be ‘Brexit on steroids’?

In my opinion the modern world has been lulled into a false sense of security having not seen a truly global event for many years, indeed the Second World War was probably the last major event that was truly on a world wide scale.

My good self dreads to think what would happen if a health scare on the level of the 1918 influenza pandemic were to be repeated with modern travel methods and modern news dissemination channels reporting events to the masses.

Yours truly sincerely hopes the powers that be can contain and eradicate the Chinese coronavirus, if not the consequences could make the worst fears of Brexit and global warming pale into insignificance.

Sadly, as far as my good self is aware, there are no activist groups highlighting the dangers posed by the spread of pandemic viruses in the modern world….

What do you think?

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