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Opinion : Does High Wycombe really need so many traffic lights?

| March 1, 2020

Traffic lights on the Oxford Road roundabout in High Wycombe. (Archive picture)

Once upon a time the traffic flowed nicely in High Wycombe and traffic jams were almost unknown.

Then, about ten years or so ago, the town was invaded with traffic lights. The trusty roundabouts that had performed so well were ripped up and the infernal traffic lights put in their place.

Do you remember the junction of Micklefield Road and London Road when the roundabout controlled traffic flow? It was so easy just nipping along the road, there were hardly ever any hold ups and the traffic flowed easily. Then the shopping park was built and the roundabout was ripped up, ever since my good self hardly ventures to that part of town now due to the hold ups at the traffic lights.

Then there is the Oxford Road roundabout in the town centre. That used to be just a normal roundabout but was converted to traffic light control about ten years ago. It has been chaos ever since.

Incidentally at the time of writing the set of lights on the Oxford Road roundabout has been broken for a week or so leading to even more chaos as temporary lights are in action trying to control the traffic flow on the roundabout.

Does Wycombe have too many traffic lights? In my opinion they are not helping the traffic flow and the town would be better off without them.

Did you see the article that appeared in the news section of this site last week headlined ‘Preparation work to start on conversion of Crest Road roundabout in Cressex to traffic light controlled junction‘?

It seems traffic lights may be installed to replace the current roundabout at the Junction of Crest Road and the A4040 at John Hall Way.

According to the news article ‘the junction needs improved capacity and better traffic flow ahead of the planned development of Cressex Island‘. My response to that is balderdash.

For what my good self can see, the Crest Road roundabout works very well. Indeed the traffic on the A4010 going to and from Handy Cross flows well and there is hardly ever a queue coming from Crest Road. Indeed the junction seems a perfect example of how well a roundabout can control traffic flow.

In my opinion it isn’t the roundabouts that are the problem, instead it’s those who think traffic lights are the solution to problems that don’t exist.

My good self is asking myself the question is there someone, somewhere whose livelihood depends solely on installing more and more lights even when they aren’t needed?

When the Crest Road junction is converted which junction will be next?

Just think how nice our town would be if the money wasted on installing all the unnecessary traffic lights had been spent improving Frogmoor?

What do you think?

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