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Voluntary group and a philanthropic local bike group help vulnerable people in High Wycombe

| April 24, 2020

Fresh food, ready to go. (Image supplied by Buckinghamshire Council)

A Wycombe based voluntary group and a philanthropic local bike group have been busy helping vulnerable people in High Wycombe.

Since starting up in January 2020, local voluntary group, Seerah Today (Meal Today), have been helping vulnerable people in High Wycombe in times of need by providing them with an offer of emergency same day food.

Seerah Today has been working with local shops (such as Thara Stores in Whitelands Road, High Wycombe and Mak Foods in Totteridge Parade, Totteridge Dive) to supply various food items to make the meals which are then packed up, labelled and delivered to the doors of vulnerable residents who may otherwise not have any food at all.

The endeavour requires a large team of volunteers to undertake the deliveries with some volunteers working all day and then going out to collect and deliver in the evening.

One of the groups of volunteers supporting the work of Seerah Today are the Exiled Bikers, a philanthropic local bike group, who have generously given time and effort by making sure the food gets out in good time to those who need it across Wycombe.


Exiled Biker members (before social distancing was required). (Image supplied by Buckinghamshire Council)

Ros Khan from Serrah Today said: ‘We know that by helping others we are making a real difference. Some of the people we provide meals to are in very difficult situations that aren’t going to be resolved quickly.

Helping them out with a simple thing like a meal means communities remain strong and everyone feels valuable. We couldn’t reach as many people as we do without the help of suppliers and delivery volunteers so a big thank you goes to them.

Agreeing with Ros, the local area councillor from Buckinghamshire Council, Arif Hussain, said: ‘You have to remember that there are those in our communities who are really struggling right now.

If we all do what we can to help, organisations like Seerah Today and their volunteers can continue to be there when times are tough for people.

Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Health and Culture, Gareth Williams, said: ‘This is a fantastic team effort organised brilliantly by Seerah Today.

Local volunteers and shops working together and supporting communities in this way is truly humbling.

Thank you all for showing us what our Proud of Bucks campaign looks like in action. The difference you are making to those you help is immeasurable.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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