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24-hour Rural Clearway parking restrictions to keep lanes near beauty spots safe in Buckinghamshire

| May 28, 2020

Parking pressure in a narrow lane near a Country Park. (Image supplied by Buckinghamshire Council)

24-hour Rural Clearway parking restrictions are to be used to keep some lanes near beauty spots safe as the coronavirus lockdown rules are lifted.

During June 2020, as coronavirus lockdown rules are expected to be lifted, Buckinghamshire Council is to introduce temporary restrictions on parking around some of Buckinghamshire’s beauty spots.

Some visitor attractions in Buckinghamshire are fed by narrow roads. The aim of the parking restrictions, in the form of a 24-hour Rural Clearway, is to keep the narrow roads clear of parked cars for the safety of emergency vehicles, key workers and essential deliveries.

Since the easing of lockdown rules about travel, leisure and exercise, some of the narrow roads around Black Park, Langley Park, Denham Country Park and Dorney Reach in South Buckinghamshire have become clogged with visitors cars. The problem also affects approaches to the Stockgrove entrance to Rushmere Country Park in the north east of Buckinghamshire.

Roads affected by the planned Rural Clearway rules include Rowley Lane Black Park Road Fulmer Common Road, Billet Lane and Bellswood Lane in the Iver area. Denham Court Lane in Denham. Court Lane and Marsh Lane near Dorney Reach and Brickhill Road, Heath & Reach.

Patrols recorded parking increases around some beauty spots to as high as 70% of pre-lockdown levels.

Parking patrols will continue to deal with improper parking, obstruction, parking on double yellow lines and persistent congestion in residential areas.

David Martin, Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Logistics, said: ‘During these difficult times most drivers have been parking considerately.

But as more and more people get out and about in their cars, we want to control the risk of dangerous and inconsiderate parking, so that the way is clear for our emergency services to get through, and to keep traffic flowing.

With more cars on the road now, we need to make sure we are considerate with our parking.

Parking patrols will continue to deal with improper parking, obstruction, parking on double yellow lines and persistent congestion in residential areas.

Meanwhile the relaxation on on-street parking and in , Buckinghamshire Council car parks continues. The amnesty includes parking on single yellow lines, in limited waiting areas and in pay and display bays. The change was made to help support local communities, businesses, key workers and volunteers.

Residents are urged to make use of the free car parks, to help keep roads clear, but reminded residents these don’t include country park car parks. Motorists are to expect a warning notice if they overstay a limited time parking bay to ensure fair play for all drivers.

For the public safety some parking restrictions were not lifted during this time such as parking in disabled parking bays, on pedestrian clearway’s and double yellow lines. Buckinghamshire Council has seen an increase in abuse of these restrictions and will continue to issue Penalty Charge Notices.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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