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High Wycombe resident creates ‘The Happy Tree’

| January 17, 2021

Ekta Bajaj stands in front of ‘The Happy Tree’. (Image supplied by Ekta Bajaj)

A local Wycombe resident has created ‘The Happy Tree’ in the front garden of their house to spread hope and positive vibes during Lockdown 3.

On New Year’s Day 2021, entrepreneur and blogger Ekta Bajaj initiated a small project in her front garden by turning an ordinary willow tree into the ‘Happy Tree’.

A series of wooden plaques were created containing positive messages of hope. Using string the plaques were hung on the willow tree in Ektas’s front garden. The people who walk by read the messages on the tree and it revives their hope. Many of those who were walking by with a frown or engrossed in thoughts decide to stop, smile and hug the tree.


A message of hope hanging on ‘The Happy Tree’. (Image supplied by Ekta Bajaj)

Ekta would like to invite everyone, wherever they live, to join her in this endeavour and create their own ‘Happy Tree’ outside their house with the aim of enabling communities to feel connected and jointly revive hope.

Full details about ‘The Happy Tree’ and its creation can be found in a blog post on Ekta’s website at ‘I made a Happy Tree and it smiled and waved at me. #thehappytree‘.

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