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Unauthorised builders merchants removed for breach of planning rules

| February 1, 2021

The Buckinghamshire Council Planning Enforcement team has successfully secured the removal of an unauthorised builders merchants and storage compound in Iver Heath.

The builders merchants, located at Iver Flowerland, Iver Heath, was occupying part of a Green Belt site, constituted a breach of planning control and was causing excessive noise and an increase in HGV movements in the area.

The unauthorised uses constituted inappropriate development in the Green Belt and whilst retrospective planning applications were submitted seeking to obtain planning permission for the use of the site, these were subsequently refused by the Council.

When amicable negotiations to secure the removal of the builders merchants and storage compound failed, Officers issued Planning Enforcement Notices which were appealed by the builders merchants to the Planning Inspectorate but later withdrawn by them. The notices therefore took effect and required the unauthorised uses to cease, together with the removal of associated fencing and hard standing.

The builders merchants have now vacated the site and a large storage compound has been emptied and dismantled.

Other successes at this site include securing the cessation and restoration of part of the site that was being developed to display sheds and hot tubs. This development was amicably resolved during mid-work and the land subsequently restored.

Warren Whyte, Cabinet member for Planning and Enforcement at Buckinghamshire Council, said: ‘The Council’s Planning Enforcement team have secured a good outcome in this case. Green Belt sites like this are important to the character of our area and must be protected from inappropriate development.

I am disappointed that the occupiers didn’t comply with our amicable requests, so the Council had to resort to the formal tools available to them to achieve a resolution to these breaches of planning control.

The Council’s firm but fair approach to planning enforcement is starting to produce some positive outcomes which have a real benefit to Buckinghamshire residents. I hope that this is acts as warning to others who consider flouting planning control and remind them that the Council will use its powers to remedy such breaches.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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