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Blue-green algae found in The Dyke at The Rye in High Wycombe

| June 25, 2021

The presence of blue-green algae has been confirmed in The Dyke at The Rye in High Wycombe.

Over the past few days Buckinghamshire Council has been taking precautionary measures for public safety at The Rye in High Wycombe while waiting on the outcome of an inspection into algae in The Dyke by the Environment Agency.

The Environment Agency has now confirmed the presence of blue-green algae.

The algae can be hazardous to people and animals so for the time being, Buckinghamshire Council are asking members of the public to avoid the water at The Rye and not to allow dogs to go into the water. For the moment boat hire on The Dyke is also suspended.

The advice of the Environment Agency is to let the algae clear naturally so as to avoid it breaking up and moving further down river.

The change in weather has already reduced the threat, but the precautionary measures will remain until Buckinghamshire Council are satisfied it is safe for the public to use the water as normal. Until then members of the public are being advised to take extra care around area of The Dyke.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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