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Beaver Scouts are out of this world at the National Space Centre

| November 30, 2022

Over 500 Beaver Scouts (boys and girls aged 6 to 8) from across Buckinghamshire recently had a sleepover at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

Held over two weekends the children enjoyed a variety of events with some late nights and early mornings.

The activities included several planetarium shows, time in the galleries with lots of buttons and dials, a talk about space and rockets and an interactive track system.

Reggie said: ‘I really enjoyed the quiz and spending time in the galleries. I liked learning about where the planets were and how far away they are from earth. I am worn out.

Ellie said: ‘I liked learning about space. It’s been very tiring, but I’ve loved exploring. The sleepover has been amazing. My favourite activity was seeing the planetarium shows. I hope I will be able to get my Space badge.

Adult volunteer, Bernie Dickens, said: ‘I’ve been a volunteer for three years. It’s very rewarding seeing children achieve something. The smile on a child’s face when they use a flint and succeed in starting a fire is a sight to behold. I’ve challenged myself and done activities I have never done before. I never thought I would go dragon boating.

Tessa Ingram, lead volunteer for Beaver Scouts, said: ‘We had planned to come here in 2020 but lockdowns put the lid on it. It’s been great to see over 500 children and 150 volunteers have a great experience at the Space Centre. To hear and see the excitement from the children reminded me why I volunteer.

James Palin, lead volunteer for Buckinghamshire Scouts, said: ‘Scouting in the County is growing and we are looking for more volunteers. With more and more children and young people (boys and girls aged 4 to 17), on the waiting list we are looking for adults who can help provide activities.

Further information about the Scouts can be found on their website at www.scouts.org.uk/join.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Scouts.

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