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Buckinghamshire households urged not to miss out on energy bill discounts

| May 3, 2023

Eligible households in Buckinghamshire that have not yet received the £400 non-repayable energy bill payment from the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS) need to act fast before the deadline of Wednesday 31st May 2023.

You may be eligible to apply for this £400 payment if your main home is:

  • A residential park home.
  • Off the mains electricity or gas grid.
  • On a permanent Gypsy and Traveller site.
  • Temporary or supported accommodation.
  • On a boat on a permanent residential mooring.
  • Part of a heat network without an electricity meter.
  • In a separate domestic home within a non-domestic property (such as a farmhouse or a flat above a shop).
  • In a care home or assisted living facility and you pay for some or all of your care (directly or through loss of pension or other benefits).
  • Housing association, rented or leasehold home whose energy is supplied by the landlord through a commercial or communal connection.

In addition to the £400 payment, eligible households that don’t have access to the mains gas grid and use alternative fuels as their main form of heating can also receive a one-off £200 payment.

You may eligible for this payment if the main way you heat your home is by using:

  • Oil
  • Wood
  • Solid fuel
  • Tank or bottled gas
  • Liquid petroleum gas (LPG)

This £200 payment is on top of the £400 from their electricity supplier, making it a total of up to £600 in savings.

John Chilver, Cabinet Member for Accessible Housing and Resources at Buckinghamshire Council, said: ‘We want to make sure that all eligible households are aware of this opportunity and take advantage of it before the [Wednesday] 31[st] May [2023] deadline.

The £400 non-repayable energy bill payment and £200 alternative fuels payment can go a long way in helping households with their heating and energy bills. So, if you believe you’re eligible for these payments, please apply now.

To check if you’re eligible and able to apply for the payments, visit the Buckinghamshire Council Energy Bills Support Scheme webpage.

As part of your application, you’ll need to provide an email address or phone number (if you have one), and your bank account details (a UK current account in your name). If you’re not registered for Council Tax, then you’ll also need to upload proof of address, such as a full, current UK driving licence or tenancy agreement.

*Source of information : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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