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Opinion : There’s something wrong with Christmas

| December 5, 2014


Well, this Christmas shopping malarkey is getting a bit too much for me.

Yours truly thought I had got everything in for Christmas this year however on Friday I realised there was still a few items missing.

When it comes to buying presents yours humble servant is not the best person in the world to choose what someone else would like.

Preferring to play it safe, a box of biscuits is my preferred choice of present. After all if the gift is not given then at least my good self can tuck in and eat the biscuits myself in the New Year.

However some people prefer to buy individual presents based on the tastes of the person receiving the the gift. How many of the gifts given at Christmas are actually wanted and how many are put in the back of the draw by their recipients to gather dust?

This year millions of pounds will be spent in the shops of Wycombe, a proportion of that money will be wasted.

Considering there are millions of people in the world who are hungry, without shelter and in need of medical treatment surely the gift of life to a stranger would be better than an unwanted gift to a friend?

Has the true meaning of Christmas has been forgotten? Suppose Jesus was was return to see the way the celebration to mark his birth has become commercialised. What would he say?

Sadly I fear many of those celebrating Christmas probably haven’t even been to a church in the past year let alone even practised the Christian religion and probably don’t even believe in Jesus or God.

Special offers and discounts have come the the forefront of people’s minds rather than compassion, caring and the values of Christianity. Large chain stores with faceless shareholders have become focused of maximising the Christmas profits.

The gift of life to someone struggling elsewhere in the world is far better then a new pair of socks for Uncle Jack.

While we put up Christmas trees there are people desperately in need of firewood to keep them warm.

When you carve the Turkey in a couple of weeks think of those going hungry.

As the festive drinks are downed think of those thirsty and in need of water.

I’m now in the belief that Christmas is one messed up celebration where people in the rich parts of the world wrap gifts to give to their friends totally oblivious to the human suffering taking place elsewhere in the world. I think there’s something wrong with Christmas….

What do you think?

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