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Movable Vehicle Activated Signs are coming to the roads of Micklefield and Totteridge

| February 1, 2015

Three new Movable Vehicle Activated Signs (MVAS) will soon be in use on the roads of Micklefield and Totteridge.

MVAS are activated when an approaching vehicle is exceeding the speed limit, the signs flash to inform the driver of their excess speed.

While vehicle registration numbers are not stored, each of the MAVS records the number of activations which can be used to determine if there is a speeding problem on the stretch of road on which they are operating.

The signs can be easily moved around to cover different roads in the neighbourhood.

On the morning of Wednesday 4th February 2015 the manufacturers of the signs will be training those operating the signs on how to use them correctly.

Further information about the new MAVS can be obtained by contacting the Micklefield NAG by email at [email protected]

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