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Police warn about young cyclists who are taking risks on busy roads

| March 5, 2015


Police in High Wycombe have become concerned at the number of young people who appear to be taking deliberate risks on busy roads while riding their bicycles.

Boys in their early teens have been reports doing wheelies in the town centre, London Road and Hazlemere Crossroads.

Although offences are being committed the greatest concern that police have is for the safety of the young people. Police believe it’s only a matter of time until a young person is seriously injured or killed.

Several parents have been spoken to and PC Vikki Overson, the schools officer, has raised this with local schools.

PC Overson said : ‘I understand why young people want to take risks, it is part of growing up. However, the consequence of a misjudgement by the rider, or one of the many motorists driving past is huge and very likely to lead to life changing, or life ending, accident.

PC Overson is well qualified to empathise with some aspects of the young men’s behaviour. She  was a member of British BMX team before becoming a police officer and competed all over the World. She was the British champion for 12 years, 2nd in Europe and ranked 4th in the World. Her involvement in this sport ended when she had an accident and broke a bone in her back whilst doing a wheelie.

PC Overson added : ‘If you know who is participating in these dangerous games, please call 101 and pass on their names. You won’t be criminalising them, but we will be visiting them at home or at school to ask them to think about the consequences of an accident on themselves, their family and their friends.

Further information can be found on the Thames Valley Alerts website.

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