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Opinion : Welcome back Wycombe Sound 87.9FM

| November 19, 2015


Shortly after 7.00am this morning, Thursday 19th November 2015 an old friend returned to Wycombe.

Yes, Wycombe Sound Community Radio is back on a frequency of 87.9 Megacycles on the VHF (of FM for the modern people) waveband.

As I tuned the dial on my trusty radio, a Hacker Sovereign MK1 (Model RP18) which was made in 1964, the crackling of VHF static gave way to the Wycombe Sound. Wonderful!

Indeed my good self has been looking forward to the return of Wycombe Sound. It’s a proper radio station that’s in tune with the community unlike some of the national stations that seem to think they know best about the listeners preferences.

If you send Wycombe Sound a Twitter Tweet the radio station responds, listeners are treated like people and not just figures for audience statistics.

With a good stock of trusty PP9 batteries my good self will be listening to the station as much as I can indeed I’ve even found a supposedly submersible radio so yours truly can even listen in while having a bath!

Just imagine if Wycombe Sound had been on the air last week when the M40 was closed due to an accident. The drivers listening to the traffic news would have known instantly about the closure of the M40 and they could have taken an alternative route. The gridlock that developed in Wycombe would never have happened.

The station is operating on an OFCOM restricted service licence so the broadcast can only last for 28 days. What a shame. The station needs to be a permanent feature as it’s benefiting the community of the town.

Not only can one listen in on the radio but there is a streaming service on the Wycombe Sound website so you can listen in on a computer too. This year there is even an appliance (or ‘app’ as I am told the trendy modern people call them) which can be installed on a portable telephone so everyone can listen in on their phones too.

Welcome back Wycombe Sound. We’ve missed you….

What do you think?

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