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Opinion : Will it be a peaceful start to the New Year in Wycombe?

| December 29, 2015


No sooner has Christmas passed than a New Year is rushing towards us. My word, time is passing quicker than ever.

I have always been amazed at how little is done in Wycombe to officially celebrate the coming of a New Year.

Of course the residents of the town will let off fireworks at midnight causing a dreadful noise but there are no organised celebrations of any kind at all.

This year New Years Day is on a Friday, surely there could be a celebration in town for all to attend?

There is a special event to celebrate the switching on of the Christmas lights in the town centre so why can’t there be a similar event to mark New Years Day?

Perhaps a concert on Frogmoor with free parking in the towns car parks? Or a concert in what used to be the town hall?

Sadly Wycombe is very light when it comes to celebrating the events that make up the year. If only our town marked the key events of the year it would help to bring together the residents of the town and help to build the community spirit that once prevailed in the town.

I would rather there be an organised event in the town than have to endure the noise of all the fireworks in the middle of the night.

Years ago people never let fireworks off at midnight to mark the coming of a New Year. It seems to be a phenomenon that has started recently.

In fact in recent times in my part of town have have been more fireworks set off to mark the new Year than on bonfire night.

A few days ago my good self sent Christmas cards wishing my friends a ‘Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year‘, sadly the first few moments of the New Year will be anything but peaceful.

Yet there are no organised firework displays to mark the New Year, the residents are the ones lighting the blue touchpaper while the organisers of official displays stand well back.

When bonfire night comes the authorities bombard us with messages of firework safety yet very little public information is released for New Year.

Of course fireworks are not widely available in the shops at this time of year meaning that the fireworks let off at New Year are likely to have been stored in residential houses since the 5th November. How safe is that?

No doubt there will also be many of those dreadful ‘Chinese lanterns’ released into the night sky too. Of course the lanterns will float off and perhaps come down on a house, outbuilding or car creating a fire in the process.

Animals may choke or be injured on the wires and materials used in the construction of the lantern especially if it comes down on farmland.

Perhaps it’s time people were discouraged from letting off fireworks and releasing lanterns to mark the coming of the New Year, or at the very least organised firework displays are put on so people can enjoy the fireworks safely?

What do you think?

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