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Opinion : Is it Buy-One-Get-One-Free or Buy-One-Get-Ripped-Off?

| February 12, 2016


There’s nothing like going shopping and getting a good deal indeed so called special offers are everywhere in a modern shop.

Sadly it seems that some of the special offers in the shops have not been so special after all.

Only the other day my good self read an article on the website of a national newspaper stating that some of the major supermarkets are to end multi-buy deals.

For someone who is not as agile mentally as in yesteryear, like my good self, it was a dreadful conundrum working out the best value between four pints of milk for £1.40 or six pints for £1.80. I went to the shop to get the best value for money not undertake an aptitude test to become a member of the high IQ society.

Just think how much food has been wasted over the years through offers that encouraged shoppers to buy more than they needed. Wasting food is scandalous especially when there are so many hungry people in the world.

Personally I would far rather forego the special offers that are no so special and instead have free carrier bags to take my purchases home with.

Would it not be better to give an increasing discount based on how much one spends in a shop rather than discounts based on the purchase of specific items?

For example if you spend over £20 then you get 2% off your total bill and if you spend £50 then you get 5% off etc…. People should be rewarded for purchasing more rather than in some cases purchasing less.

When paying at the till some supermarkets even give discount vouchers which state that your shop would have been cheaper at a rival supermarket and they give you a money off voucher for use next time you visit.

Well, surely its a bit stupid telling customers that they would have got their items cheaper elsewhere after all would it not have been better to go to the rival in the first place?

I think there should also be a minimum length for which a discount coupon is valid, for example two months. Many times my good self has purchased items and been given a money off voucher at the till only to find the voucher expires before yours truly visits the shop next.

When we go shopping everyone should clearly see which items are the best value. The great money-off rip-off should be banned as soon as possible.

What do you think?

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