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Family law guides published by High Wycombe law firm

| August 30, 2017

Graham King, Senior Partner at Reynolds Parry Jones LLP.

A series of four guides to key issues in the field of Family law has been published by one of High Wycombe’s leading law firms.

Reynolds Parry Jones LLP has published the guides, which can be downloaded free of charge from www.rpj.uk.com, to help local people better understand some of the complexities of issues including cohabitation, civil partnerships, divorce and separation and matters relating to children.

Graham King, Senior Partner at Reynolds Parry Jones LLP, said: ‘Family law can be complex and there are many misunderstandings out there about exactly what happens in certain circumstances.

For instance, many people are unaware of how few rights cohabitees enjoy and the consequent importance of Cohabitation Agreements.

Similarly, people are often unaware that there is currently no such thing as a no-fault divorce and there are only a limited set of grounds on which a divorce will be granted.

Our guides set the record straight on these points and more, giving people an overview of these important legal issues that affect many families in our local area.

I would urge anyone affected by these issues to visit our website to view the guides.

The guides are available to download free of charge from https://www.rpj.uk.com/useful-guides/.

Further information on Reynolds Parry Jones LLP, can be found on their website at http://www.rpj.uk.com/.

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