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Opinion : Now there’s not even enough interest for a pancake race in Wycombe

| February 10, 2018

It was very disappointing to read the article that appeared on the news section of this site recently entitled ‘Charity pancake race in High Wycombe cancelled‘.

My good self was going to take an early lunch on Tuesday and walk round to the new shopping complex to see the annual pancake for a bit of fun.

It’s events like the pancake race that make life in Wycombe more interesting and enjoyable. Those taking part get to have a good laugh, those watching are entertained and everyone raises money for a deserving local charity.

It seems that only three teams signed up to take part this year. What a shame.

Does the lack of interest mark the start of a worrying trend of disengagement in the town? I most sincerely hope not but from my personal observations on daily life in Wycombe my good self is starting to get worried.

In the suburbs and residential areas the community spirit that was once so prevalent has all but disappeared. Once upon a time everyone knew their neighbour by name and would help out if they were in trouble.

However in modern times its very rare for someone to know who lives next door let alone several doors down the road.

Now yours truly fears a similar effect is happening in the town amongst the organisations and businesses that make the town centre tick.

The demise of the annual Wycombe Show on The Rye signalled the start of the decline in the calendar of organised events in Wycombe.

It’s a shame there aren’t more events like the pancake race in the town centre. Apart from the Frogfestival and Christmas lights switch on the calendar of street events open to the public in Wycombe is very limited.

If Wycombe is to thrive as a town it needs to reach out and put on activities to draw in the crowds.

It’s no good the town sitting back in the proverbial armchair in front of a log fire dressed in a smoking jacket puffing on a big cigar while waiting for customers to visit. A successful town has to work to entice shoppers in.

I do hope the pancake race returns in 2019, it will be sorely missed in 2018.

What do you think?

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