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Opinion : Will a unitary council be the best thing to happen to High Wycombe for years?

| November 1, 2018

HIP! HIP! HOOOORAY! The Government has decided in favour of abolishing the current structure of Local Government in Buckinghamshire and proposes to create a Unitary Council to oversee services.

If Parliament votes to approve the decision this of course means the end for the local District Councils.

My good self has been expecting this news for a while now, indeed it was a no-brainer given a choice between an efficient Unitary Authority or two separate authorities that duplicate services and functions to oversee half of the County each.

Yours truly first became aware of the excellent news while sitting in the drawing room at my ancestral home and happened to read the article in the news section of this site entitled ‘Government gives green light to unitary council for Buckinghamshire‘.

After reading the news article my good self jumped up in the air and shouted ‘HOORAY!’ before running to the pantry and opening a bottle celebratory lemonade which was shaken vigorously to ensure it overflowed when opened just like a racing driver opening a bottle of champagne after winning a race.

Surely this re-arrangement of local government is desperately needed, thing just could not continue.

This day, Thursday 1st November 2018, is to Wycombe what Friday 9th November 1990 was to the Berlin Wall, what Thursday 21st December 1989 was to Romania or what Monday 30th April 1945 was to peace in Europe. All of which marked the beginning of the end of despair and repression leading to hope and optimism.

In years to come we will look back at the schemes and developments that were designed to bring prosperity to Wycombe such as a large stadium at Booker or the brilliant idea of introducing ANPR technology in the municipal cars parks of Wycombe to name just a few.

Of course we must consider that the amalgamation of services into one unitary council will no doubt result in the downsizing of the number of workers undertaking required to oversee and run the municipal services in Buckinghamshire.

It’s never good to lose a job, indeed there are many good people who are employed to run the services we depend on. These people should be safeguarded and hopefully continue their service at the new unitary council.

However the re-organisation could be the ideal opportunity for a clear out and cleansing of the hives to rid the tax payers of the useless employees who, in my opinion have taken bad decisions.

My good self just hopes the bad eggs don’t get large redundancy payouts at the public expense, indeed yours truly feels that any potential redundancy money should be given to the new unitary authority as reparation for the plethora of bad decisions that have been taken over the years.

In my opinion the future for Wycombe is now bright and the sooner the unitary council takes over the better.

My only fear is that the ‘do gooders’ who may lose their seats governing Wycombe don’t suddenly spring up on a ‘Town Council for Wycombe’ meaning that things continue as before.

This is a good day for Wycombe, the sooner the Unitary Council is up and running the better.

What do you think?

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