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Opinion : Does Black Friday and Cyber Monday symbolise everything that’s wrong with Christmas?

| December 5, 2019

Ah, there’s nothing like Christmas.

Think of Christmas and the image comes to mind of snow laying on the ground as we relax in our favourite armchairs eating mince pies and chocolates in front of an open log fire next to the Christmas tree.

However sadly Christmas has become commercialised and in reality it’s a non-stop barrage of sales and marketing messages designed to entice us into spending money.

Oh, how did Christmas become so commercialised?

It seems that nearly every shop, business and trader in the whole world held a ‘Black Friday’ sale and joined in with special ‘Cyber Monday’ promotions.

In my opinion ‘Black Friday’, ‘Cyber Monday’ and other Christmas based sales have come to symbolise everything that’s wrong with the modern Christmas.

When it comes to the newfangled e-mail messaging contrivance it seems there is no equivalent of a traditional Christmas card and at this time of year most of the incoming electric messages are absolute junk.

For example, for some inexplicable reason some rascal keeps sending me e-mails with the subject of ‘Re: Bumper car and its supporting equipment‘ the first line of which is always ‘Glad to learn you’re on the market of Amustment equipment.‘ Presumably the sender hopes that my good self will make a sudden impulse purchase of an entire fairground bumper car ride to put up in the grounds of my ancestral home?

Over the past few days yours truly has been dismayed with the number of blatant and forthright electronic messages received focused only on selling items during Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.

It seems the messages all followed the same general template which was 1) put Black Friday in big letters, 2) put how much discount is being offered, 3) restrict the discounts to specific items so the consumer has to hunt for the bargains.

Surely any decent marketing person tasked with creating such messages would use a little creativity?

Not one of the messages yours truly received wished me a Happy Christmas or even conveyed the slightest of seasonal greetings. They were blatant ‘in my face’ messages focused only on selling and bolstering the profits of those sending the messages.

Naturally the electronic selling messages were immediately consigned to the electronic bin to be removed by the electronic dustman to the electronic landfill tip.

It is any wonder that so many shops are reporting a difficult time, perhaps they need to entice customers to spend with a little old fashioned marketing magic?

Rather than overt marketing yours truly would have been more impressed if a shop sent me a message telling me that they weren’t holding a Black Friday sale this year but instead they would be donating 5% of their profits on the Friday to a local charity for the benefit of the homeless, etc….

At least the message from the ‘bumper car’ sales man brought a smile to my face which is more than some of the messages from the large retailers who adorn the High Streets of this country.

What do you think?

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