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Opinion : Now the election is over will the ‘Remainers’ become ‘Rejoiners’ in the ‘Battle of Brexit’?

| December 13, 2019

The great Brexit Christmas Election is over.

With the winner declared the country can now move on. No doubt Brexit is likely to come as a welcome Christmas present for the Leavers however those wishing the UK to stay in the European Union have been dealt a heavy blow.

When my good self voted it was clear that something momentous was going to happen in this election. Rather than my completed ballot paper hitting the bottom of an almost empty ballot box, this time the ballot box was already nearly three quarters full. It was clear that more people than usual had been to vote.

So what will happen to those who want the UK to remain in the EU? Will the ‘Remainers’ become ‘Rejoiners’ and start a campaign for the UK to go back into the EU once it has left?

However my good self thinks this election was more than just about Brexit.

Sadly, in my opinion, one party presented the people with a ‘manifesto of madness’ that, if implemented, would have screwed up the lives of many leaving just a few unscathed.

It was even mooted that changes would be made to the Council Tax structure that would see houses charged by the amount of land they had.

As regular readers will know there is lots of land on the large estate surrounding my ancestral home not to mention the various outbuildings, pavilions and other notable garden features.

It’s bad enough paying the (almost) £3,700 a year in Council Tax to live in my home, however yours truly calculated that under any ‘Land Tax’ your humble servant would have ended up paying a five figure sum (or maybe even more) to live here.

Is a political party going to be elected if at least one of their policies affects almost everybody in the country determinately in one way or another?

What did surprise me was the size of the majority the winning party achieved, indeed it was their biggest since 1987. Do you remember those halcyon days of the mid-to-late 1980’s?

In my opinion they were summed up by a comedy character who would come on the stage, walking funnily as if in pain, and say things like ‘I’ve got piles….‘, followed by a pause, then the sentence would be completed with the words ‘Piles of Money! Loadsamoney!‘ before a wedge of bank notes was waved around to the audience. You can view the aforesaid comedy character at the link here.

Are the times in which we live and the delivery of Brexit really on par with those glorious days of the mid to late 1980’s?

Amazingly, in this election, mining communities have elected MPs from the same political party that closed the pits, destroying their communities, in the battle against union supremacy during the miners strikes of the mid 1980’s.

We live in interesting times, the ‘Battle of Brexit’ was won decisively at the polling stations yesterday.

Me thinks that daytime television will never be the same now the Government has a sizeable majority and the Parliament TV channel may well return to boring predictability.

What do you think?

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