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Police charge a man with electoral fraud in High Wycombe

| January 30, 2020

A man has been charged with electoral fraud in High Wycombe.

On Thursday 30th January 2020, a 39 year old man of Hobart Close, High Wycombe was charged with the following:

  • One count of conspiring with other persons to defraud the Electoral Services Manager of Wycombe District Council by dishonestly causing or permitting to be submitted to the officer postal voting statements which contained false particulars.
  • Two counts of committing, aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring in the commission of voting by post as some other person.

The alleged offences took place between Wednesday 2nd January 2019 and Friday 8th February 2019 and relate to the Totteridge and Bowerdean by-election which was held on Thursday 7th February 2019.

The 39 year old man was arrested by police on Tuesday 5th February 2019 and is due to appear at High Wycombe Magistrates Court on Thursday 5th March 2020.

*Source of article : Thames Valley Police ‘latest news’.

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