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Opinion : Should face coverings be made mandatory in public places?

| June 5, 2020


As the lockdown is eased plans are being made by the powers that be so our world can return to as near normal as possible.

Indeed only yesterday it was reported on a national news site that face coverings are to be made mandatory on public transport in England from Monday 15th June 2020.

However, the ‘face coverings’ to be used are not the surgical or even FFP3 type respirator. Instead the ‘face coverings’ required are simple rudimentary home made devices that by their vary nature are likely to offer limited protection to the wearer but may, in some circumstances, help to protect those the wearer comes into contact with.

Personally my good self thinks there should be some form of minimum standard of construction for the ‘face coverings’ rather than allowing people to concoct their own contrivances. Indeed one could pose the question that should the proper ‘face coverings’ be provided by the transport operator as part of the price of the ticket?

In my opinion the powers that be should start mass producing basic face masks that offer a set minimum standard of protection, indeed they could even be washable and hence reusable. Sadly, based on their previous failures and bungles, my good self fears it could be beyond the capabilities of the powers that be to undertake such a simple task.

If these ‘face coverings’ are made mandatory on public transport should they also be made mandatory in all public places such as in town centres, shops and places of work where there is contact with the public?

Surely if masks are of benefit on transport they will also give benefit in other circumstances and help to stop the virus?

If people travel into the town centre on the bus wearing a face covering then why not keep it on once the bus has arrived at the bus station and the passengers are wandering around the town centre?

In the link, above, it mentions the face coverings ‘should cover the mouth and nose and can be as simple as a scarf or bandanna tied snugly behind the head.

However yours truly is left wondering if, in some circumstance, having people wearing face coverings is a recipe for trouble.

No doubt some rascal will decide to wear sunglasses and a baseball cap together with the bandanna over their face. Is it wise having ‘masked’ people waiting at bus stops in some of the less gentile parts of Wycombe where there is no CCTV to record their actions?

Taking things a step further what benefit would CCTV be, especially in the town centre or on a bus, if everyone is wearing a mask?

What do you think?

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