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Opinion : Finally The Rye in High Wycombe is to get new cafe facilties

| October 21, 2020

The old cafe and boathouse on The Rye in High Wycombe. (Archive picture)

Finally a new cafe and boathouse are being built on The Rye in High Wycombe.

Did you see the article that appeared in the news section of this site recently headlined ‘Smart new boathouse café on The Rye to open early in 2021‘?

At last the old corrugated tin shed that housed the cafe and boathouse on The Rye (pictured above) is to be replaced, indeed the decrepit old structure is now demolished and a shiny new building is currently being erected in its place.

It’s nice to see investment in a new building, let’s face it the old one was made of corrugated tin and looked like something left over from the Second World War.

Upon reading the aforementioned news article my good self has only one thought on the matter and that is the word ‘why?’

Why ‘replace’ it?

Why ‘replace’ it like for like?

Why put the cafe back where the old one was?

As anyone who knows The Rye will tell you the old cafe was quite a long way from the other facilities in the park. Indeed look at the picture above and see just how big the lettering is on the signs. The lettering was big because the facility is a such long way away from where the people are and the lettering needed to be big so people could see it from such a distance!

On the occasions when my good self has visited the park most of the people are on the other side of the park near the playground on the London Road side and not near the Dyke.

Of course the boathouse needs to be beside the Dyke, indeed it would be silly if it was anywhere else. However in my view the cafe would be better situated close to Pann Mill or near the children’s playground.

As anyone who has visited Higginson Park in Marlow knows the excellent cafe there is located next to the playground so why isn’t the new cafe on The Rye situated in a similar position?

At least the new cafe/boathouse will have toilet facilities. But the question is will a youngster (or someone of advancing years like my good self) be able to cover the large distance from playground or the London Road side to the toilets on the other side of the park in time? I fear that for many the distance is so large that an ‘urgency’ could turn to an ’emergency’ half way across the park….

Surely the new toilets should have been near to the playground on the London Road side of the park too?

Think of the distance parents playing with their children in the playground on the London Road side of the park will have to travel just to change a nappy in the new toilet facilities…. It’s not like that in Higginson Park.

Only in Wycombe could useful amenity facilities be placed such a long way from where they are actually needed. Once again it’s my view that another useful improvement scheme may not turn out as useful as it could have been.

Next time my good self is walking past Pann Mill yours truly will be thinking of all the lovely refreshments situated in the distant cafe which is sadly too far to get to.

What do you think?

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