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Opinion : With 3 people attacked in 2 weeks is it time to shut the mugging alleys of Wycombe?

| October 25, 2016


A few months ago, back in April 2016 in fact, my good self wrote a blog entitled ‘Is it safe to walk in the narrow alleyways of Wycombe?‘.

Over the past few days it seems that several reports of attacks, robberies and assaults that took place in alleyways in High Wycombe have appeared in the news section of this site.

On Monday 10th October 2016 a man was punched in the face during robbery that took place in Birdcage Walk.

On Wednesday 12th October 2016 a man was the victim of attempted robbery while walking in Birdcage Walk.

On Saturday 22nd October 2016 a man was threatened with knife during a robbery in the alleyway leading from Lincoln Road to Deeds Grove.

In the space of less than two weeks three people have come a cropper while taking short cuts through the alleyways of High Wycombe. Isn’t it about time that something was done to make the alleys safer or if safety can’t be guaranteed then close them in the name of public safety?

It must be a truly worrying experience to find yourself under attack in the confined space of a narrow alley. With no way out the victim is at the mercy of the assailant who has the upper hand.

While researching this very blog my good self decided to walk along Birdcage Walk one lunchtime.

Promenading down the alley there’s a lovely view of the architecturally perfect Easton Street multi storey car park and the delightfully designed temple of technology that we know as the Easton Street telephone exchange.

There’s also a clear view of the derelict remains of the towns first railway station built by Brunel in 1854. Sadly the building appears to have been abandoned ever since part of the Grade II listed goods shed was demolished because it obscured the view of the modern day railway station for anyone coming up Amersham Hill.

Walking along the alley was not really a pleasant experience especially when the silhouette of a man loitering on the pathway ahead came into view as was the case when yours truly was walking along Birdcage Walk.

As regular readers will know my good self is a well built man, indeed my jacket has a chest measurement of fifty four inches. Upon seeing yours truly approaching the man ran off in the opposite direction. From a distance it’s hard to tell if my good self was of a muscular build or, as is actually the case, just a fat old geezer who has eaten too many pies and is battling with clinical obesity.

There may be CCTV in Wycombe town centre but there’s nothing in the alleyways where crime can flourish.

The streets of Wycombe may be well lit but in most alleys the street lights are few and far apart.

In the streets of Wycombe there are plenty of people but only the occasional, and very brave, person is foolhardy enough to venture alone down an alley.

It would be interesting to know just how many alleys there are in Wycombe. Once a useful short cut put in by the planners of yesteryear now they are narrow, unsafe passages where the security of those who use them can’t be guaranteed.

Sadly I fear nothing will be done and sooner rather than later the alleys of Wycombe will claim another unsuspecting victim. The mugging alleys of Wycombe need to be closed, or made safe, as soon a possible.

What do you think?

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