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Opinion : Can crime ever be stamped out?

| January 25, 2018

Crime is a plague on society and ruins cities, towns and neighbourhoods.

My good self could not help notice a headline that appeared on a national news website today which read ‘Crime soars by 14 per cent: Big rises in robbery, muggings and knife crime, official figures show‘.

Of course the 14% rise is nationally and not just in High Wycombe. However Wycombe has its fair share of crime related problems.

Murders on Frogmoor, drugs raids in the suburbs of Wycombe and measures to combat prostitution in Desborough Road are just some of the crime related articles that have appeared in the news section of this site over recent months.

But can crime ever be stamped out?

Recently yours truly heard a report on the national news that in some parts of the country the authorities are regarding criminal behaviour as an ‘illness’ and treating people to stop them from committing crime.

Well, I am not sure that crime is an illness however there are definitely measures that can be taken to stamp it out.

Just look at all the youngsters who ride bicycles around Wycombe town centre terrorising pedestrians. They maraude around unchecked, nobody stops them. To make matters worse these young people know what they are doing is wrong and what’s more they know they will not be stopped.

If the powers that be are unable or unwilling to stop children on bicycles then surely it is teaching children that they can do whatever they want in obliviousness to the rule of law, common decency and neighbourliness.

These children will see that nobody is there to stop them and, over time, graduate to more serious things.

Surely teaching children to obey the rule of law should be the first step in stopping crime?

If my good self was in charge of policing in Wycombe I would start by sorting the future criminals while they were still children. Why not flood the town centre with plain clothes police on the look out for trouble and pay them by the number of arrests they make? A queue of black marias could be lined up in Hughenden Road ready to roll in to town when a troublemaker is spotted and nip them off to prison.

Adults who commit crime should have their benefits stopped and if they are in social housing it should be taken from them and given to a law abiding citizen.

Why does Wycombe have to be blighted by crime? It doesn’t have to be.

We only have crime because the powers that be let it happen and because the penalties are are joke.

In my opinion the namby pamby politically correct society in which we live is partly to blame too as sometimes it seems the criminals have more rights than their victims.

It’s about time the balance was readdressed in favour of the innocent but sadly yours truly fears that’s unlikely to happen….

What do you think?

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