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Opinion : Is Wycombe a training ground for criminals?

| February 15, 2018

I always thought that Aylesbury was a nice town where very little happened.

Yesterday my good self was shocked to read an article that appeared in the news section of this site headlined ‘Witness appeal launched following attempted murder of a police officer in the Market Square, Aylesbury‘.

Oh dear. What a dreadful thing to happen especially in such a peaceful area like the Market Square in Aylesbury.

However, from what yours truly can see, the problems of Aylesbury are nothing like those of Wycombe.

Let’s face it Wycombe is no longer a quiet market town nestling in the Chiltern Hills.

Our furniture industry has gone, meaningful well paid work is hard to find, the town centre is but a shadow of its former self and crime has taken hold.

Frogmoor, White Hart Street and Desborough Road are magnets for tramps and alcoholics while prostitution related problems are so bad that Wycombe has several Public Space Protection Orders in place aimed at curtailing antisocial behaviour and prostitution.

Just look how the yobbos run riot in the town centre after dark. Things are even worse in the daytime when youngsters on bicycles and skateboards ride on the pavement in the town centre unchecked.

In my opinion law enforcement in Wycombe town centre needs stepping up several levels to rid our town of the tramps and those who think anti social behaviour is acceptable.

Last Friday, 9th February 2018, ‘Alcohol and drugs issues [were] tackled in operation to combat anti-social behaviour in High Wycombe‘ however surely this is too little too late?

Amazingly the previously mentioned article stated that ‘The crack down was instigated after the problems had recently been highlighted by members of the public‘.

Surely the authorities should have been the ones instigating the crack down? Are those running the town so oblivious to the problems here that they can’t even see what’s happening?

When you look at what is happening in Wycombe I sometimes wonder is Wycombe a training ground for criminals?

Incidentally after reading that original news article about the attempted murder of the policeman in Aylesbury my first thought was revulsion at what had happened. However my second thought was ‘By George! Weren’t the people of Aylesbury lucky to have a policeman on duty in their town centre? I wish we had similar in Wycombe‘.

Yours truly fears tackling the criminal element of Wycombe is now a gargantuan task and it’s highly likely that our town’s problem will spread to nearby towns too.

What do you think?

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